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Carmine King
California poppies are one of the world's most loved plants. Their cheery blooms will liven up any quiet corner in your garden, and their versatility means that you can use them in a multitude of locations in your outside oasis. They are also extremely easy to grow, and while they are only annual in nature, they will produce hundreds of seeds to ensure that you have flowers in your garden for years to come.

Whether you're a novice or seasoned gardener, California poppies manage to maintain their constant appeal, mainly because of the great variety of benefits that they bring. For the ultimate ease in growing, California poppies can be sow in-situ by simply scattering seeds across the ground and lightly watering them in during late spring. If you want to get a head start on the outside growing season these poppies also work well when planted in seeds trays, and for the earliest possible flowers California poppies can also be sown in the autumn and kept in frost free conditions throughout the winter so that you get a very early bouquet of beautiful spring flowers.

California poppies are also incredibly versatile and can be grown in a great array of places. If you only have a windowsill or small balcony then these poppies are absolutely perfect and they will grow easily in pots. Filling any place with flower, they will quickly cascade over the edges of hanging baskets and window boxes to create colorful displays which will wow all visitors. Planted at the edge of flower borders they are ideal for grabbing your attention and filling gaps between flowerbeds and lawns or paths. Meanwhile, a number of smaller and dwarf specimens also exist. These are brilliant for planting in graveled areas such as sparsely planted driveways and work amazingly in rockeries, adding a flash of quintessential poppy color to areas where you may least expect it.

As long as you continually dead head your plants, California poppies will also flower throughout the garden season adding beautiful color to your garden. They come in a great range of hues, from vibrant orange and pink to softer tones of pastel whites and yellows. Varieties such as Carmine King and Apricot Chiffon offer even more fantastic displays as their bi-colored petals give an even wider range of beauty.

Towards the end of the growing season, ahead of the first frosts, it is a good idea to leave a couple of flowers on specimens so that they can ripen. In the cooling climate these pods will quickly start to produce hundreds of seeds which can be harvested and stored before planting again in either the autumn or spring. This allows you to plant lots of new specimens for the following year, once again filling your garden with these wonderful flowers to a colorful outlook throughout the year. And whether you're just starting out in gardening, or have been enjoying the hobby for many years, the love of California poppies remains as strong as ever.

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